Someone You Know Got Arrested? Now What?

ArrestedKeep calm and let us take the pressure off an unfortunate situation.

Our bail bond agents are an invaluable asset to the bail bond industry with over 20 years combined experience.

Our bail bond agents will tell you what to expect and how the process works once someone is locked up.

Our bail bond agents will provide alternatives for clients even if it means we do not profit from the bond itself. At times we understand there are some clients who cannot afford the expensive bond fees. Our goal is to educate potential clients who don’t understand what options are out there to help their loved ones bond out of jail

DNA Bail Bonds, LLC does offer easy financing with a down payment.

We try to be realistic about payment arrangements and not allow our clients to set themselves up for failure. Failure to make payments on time will result in the defendant going back to jail and the monies already paid are forfeited. So again we set realistic expectations of what can be achieved and in a certain time frame. If you truly feel the payments do not fit in your budget the best thing is to leave the defendant in jail and not waste the original premium paid and possibly explore other options. We understand money does not grow on trees and we hate to see people waste it!

We are often asked if we can recommend a specific attorney. Unfortunately this is illegal. The internet or word of mouth will be your best option for choosing the right attorney for the case.

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-All customers have the right to ask to see a bail agent’s state issued license.

-All customers have a right to know that the highest amount a bail agent can charge in the State of North Carolina is 15% of the full value of the bond. All other monies collected above the 15% is considered collateral and must be returned within 15 days of the case being dismissed.

-All customers have a right to have the bail bond process fully explained to them.

-All customers have a right to understand their bail bond Indemnitor (cosigner) responsibilities.

-All customers are entitled to receive copies of all documents relating to their bail bond.