Why Choose DNA Bail Bonds, LLC.

why_choose3DNA Bail Bonds, LLC knows that you have a choice of bail bond agencies in the area and would greatly
appreciate your consideration.

DNA Bail Bonds, LLC is unique because we are family owned and operated. Husband and wife team, Dawn and Niki Daniels put their efforts into running a premier, down to earth, reputable bail bond company. We strive to make this unfortunate experience a pleasant one through our professional yet personable demeanor. We offer superb customer service with a personal touch.


We strive to provide the best service in the bail bond industry. Our bail bond agents try to put their clients, friends and family at ease. We don’t judge you or the person in custody. Our bail bond agents are respectful, courteous, and empathetic to the situation you have been put in. We understand bad things happen to good people.

We understand that most people have never been involved in obtaining a bail bond. People often aren’t sure what to say when they call. Our compassionate bail bond agents quickly put them at ease by providing information about how the bail bond process works and what the responsibilities of signing for a North Carolina bail bond are. Some people want to get their friend or love one out of jail regardless of what it takes. Others who call want information before deciding what to do about posting bail. Whatever your situation, we are happy to answer your bail bond questions at no charge, no obligation and no pressure. Our bail agents can help you make an informed decision about what you want to do.

Our bail bond agents will explain the obligations and requirements of an Indemnitor/Cosigner (the person signing to guarantee the bail bond). We provide a receipt for all money and collateral received and we provide copies of all bail bond documents per request.

We are here for you even after the bond is posted and your family member or friend has been released from custody. Our agents are available to answer questions about court dates, provide directions to the courts in North Carolina or any other general questions.

We believe what good you do in this world will come back with its rewards of goodness to you. Servicing clients is a gift, not a right. Respect is earned and not taken for granted.



DNA Bail Bonds, LLC is a premier provider of bail bond service in North Carolina. Our actions are guided by our steady and insistent principles:

*We promote and protect that individuals are “INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY”.

*We treat you with the highest standards of service, respect and professionalism in a non-judgmental manner.

*We promote diversity and tolerance as an essential value in the way we live life, professionally and personally.

*We provide you with a clean, professional and relaxing environment where you are afforded courtesy, dignity and respect by our staff while your files are safely kept in locked file cabinets.



Our vision is to be the most recognized and reputable leader in our market within our community and throughout North Carolina. We strive to gain respect from our clients for unwavering customer service. We want to be recognized for our values, adherence to moral and ethical principles, and the important contributions we make to the criminal justice system. DNA Bail Bonds, LLC is in the bail bond business to help people, build relationships and establish themselves as a professional business owner in our community.

Our Reputation Means Everything to Us!  We have found that our good reputation increase our worth and provides sustained competitive advantages over our competition.

Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers.
-Elizabeth Arden