Becoming a Bail Agent is a serious career!

What is portrayed on TV and in movies isn’t quite how it is.

We take our business serious being we are licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance and we have laws and regulations to abide by. It’s not about corruption, abuse of power or kicking down doors, at least not at DNA Bail Bonds, LLC.

DNA Bail Bonds, LLC is always looking for individuals who are interested in becoming a North Carolina licensed bail agent. This position is in a secure, recession-proof industry offering great compensation, flexibility, and definite potential for growth in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Do you have the ability to work independently while also being part of a team? You must be motivated to build clientele! Are you organized and proficient with computers? Are you reliable and honest? Any experience &/or bi-lingual? Individuals must pass a background check.

For information about bail bond classes, we recommend the NC Bail Academy for pre-licensing classes.

Here is a quick overview of becoming a licensed North Carolina Bail Agent:

-Find a supervising agent who will sponsor you for your first year.

-Complete a two-day class.

-Complete an online application with appropriate documentation.

-Get your fingerprints done at a local sheriff’s office.

-Wait for the North Carolina Department of Insurance to approve you through your background check. Once they approve you or not you will receive notification.

-If you are approved, then you schedule to take your state exam held in Raleigh, NC.

-If you pass…you are now a North Carolina licensed Bail Agent.