BewareWe want you to be educated before multiple agents begin calling you to offer their services!

Often, individuals have developed a preconceived, negative stereotype about the bail bond industry. Unfortunately there are deceptive bail agents who make it hard for reputable professionals such as DNA Bail Bonds, LLC to earn the respect and trust from the general public. But through our unwavering integrity and dedication to our industry we have proven ourselves to be one of the most reputable bail bond companies in North Carolina.

Unfortunately there have been numerous reports of unethical bail bond practices among deceptive bail agents and unlicensed individuals posing as bail agents. DNA Bail Bonds, LLC hopes to educate our potential clients to the scams within our profession.

Bait & Switch Scam-Deceptive Bail Agents are marketing discounted or lower bond fees to the general public to attract your attention. In most cases, individuals do not take the time to fully read what they are signing; therefore the deceptive bail agent has you sign documents which don't depict the rates verbally discussed. The rate you thought sounded good is not transposed to paper. This causes the agent to contact you later saying you owe their company money and the end result is, a contract was signed therefore legally you owe the written amount or your loved one will be returned to jail.

At DNA Bail Bonds, LLC we will NEVER deceive our clients! What we quote you is what you pay! If a payment arrangement is made, a Memorandum of Agreement is signed showing what amount was charged, what we deferred and what you owe by dates and the amounts.

Unlicensed Agents-The newest scam is incarcerated individuals give newly incarcerated individuals a phone number to call from inside the jail. Once this individual contacts the alleged bail agent, the bail agent claims to give the lowest rate, contacts the inmates family, arranges to have the family meet for paperwork, accepts the money, does NOT give a receipt or a business card and then says he/she is proceeding to the jail and/or magistrate's office to release their loved one, all along "disappears" leaving the family/friends with lost money, loved one still incarcerated and a trip to the police department to report the crime. This causes a lot of unnecessary stress during an already stressful time! We personally know of a family (who has generally used our services) who went through this... thinking they were going to save a few dollars; they ended up losing $2,000.00! Check out our Customer Bill of Rights For Your Protection.

Any individuals standing on a street corner, soliciting for business isn't the safest Bail Agent or individual to hire. Always seek individuals who are reputable, don't mind showing you a North Carolina Bail Agent License; possibly have phone book advertising or an office location.

FEES-BAIL BOND FEES ARE SET BY LAW! In North Carolina, like most states, the cost of a bail bond is set by law. As a consumer, you should know the maximum fee set in North Carolina for a bail bond is 15% of the full face value of the bond amount. For example, if the full bail amount is $1,000.00, your cost is $150.00. There should not be any hidden fees, expenses or taxes from the bail bond company.