We understand that freedom is important to any defendant and that expediting a bail bond transaction is crucial for all parties involved. If you choose to cosign on a bond for a defendant, you may complete the bail bonding forms in advance to decrease your time at the Magistrate’s office or jail.

Adobe Acrobat Cosigner and Defendant Bail Bond Application and Indemnitor Agreement and Guaranty/Release of Information Form

In order to qualify as a Cosigner one must be at least 21 years old and have been employed for at least one year. All Co-Signers must hold a current North Carolina Driver’s License or North Carolina State I.D. issues by the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle. On larger bonds we may require an individual be over the age of 25 years old with a more stable background.

The Cosigner and Defendant Bail Bond Application consist of personal information and references for each party involved. The minimal amount of references we require are six on bonds under $5000.00 and eight on bonds over $5000.00. Reference must have full name, addresses and current phone numbers.

The Cosigner Indemnitor Agreement and Guaranty is to be completed by each Cosigner involved. A Cosigner may consist of a family member, spouse, co-worker or a friend that has known the defendant for at least one year. Most bonds will only require one Cosigner. Larger bonds may require more than one Cosigner due to the risk and security of the bond. We also require the Defendant to sign the Indemnitor Agreement and Guaranty once they are released.

Adobe Acrobat Memorandum of Agreement

Click here for our online version of the Memorandum of Agreement Form

The Memorandum of Agreement is a North Carolina Department of Insurance approved document that is required on any bond when full premium is not paid up front during the initial bail bond transaction. Shall a payment arrangement be agreed upon, the Defendant must complete this form promising to pay the remainder balance of monies owed.

Adobe Acrobat Promissory Note

Click here for our online version of the Promissory Note

The Cosigner and the Defendant must complete a Promissory Note. A Promissory Note is a written, signed, unconditional promise to pay a certain amount of money on demand at a specified time. If payments are not made, a civil lawsuit will be filed and the court will uphold the Promissory Note as long as it contains the necessary legal element.

Adobe Acrobat Credit Card Authorization Form

Click here for our online version of the Credit Card Authorization Form

If you will be paying the premium on a bail bond transaction or making reoccurring payments according to the Memorandum of Agreement and Promissory Note, please complete this form. All Credit Card Authorization Forms are kept in a secured, locked location for confidential purposes. Once all payments have been made, the Credit Card Authorization Form will be shredded and discarded appropriately.

IMPORTANT: All forms should be completed entirely with true and accurate information. Any information received by DNA Bail Bonds, LLC to be untrue or inaccurate may result in the termination of the Defendant’s bail bond and the Defendant returning back to jail.  In certain cases, according to North Carolina General Statue 58-71-20, the Defendant may be returned to jail and the premium already paid is considered non-refundable.