Got a Warrant?

Got a Warrant?Do you or a loved one have a warrant out for your arrest? DNA Bail Bonds, LLC can help! Don’t risk the embarrassment of an arrest or the hassle of missing work or any other important matters.

The first step to resolving a warrant is to call 919.333.3293! We will walk you through the process of relieving this burden from your life.

During your initial call to DNA Bail Bonds, LLC we will collect information on our potential client and the warrant information. We will then take a few minutes to investigate the situation and then make arrangements for the potential client to meet with us along with a co-signer. Necessary paperwork will be filled out, the client will then turn themselves in to the Sheriff’s Department or Detention Center. Once they go through the booking process, the defendant will  call us out of the jail with the bond amount and we will then immediately post the bond. In most cases this entire process can take approximately an hour. You then gain total freedom from worrying about being arrested unexpectedly.